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Welcome to Badger Mutual’s new blog, Straight from the Heart. In the coming months, Straight from the Heart will explore a number of topics that our policyholders ask about and give tips for avoiding common accidents that lead to insurance claims. While many of these blogs will be specific to certain types of insurance or insurable situations, some will look at risks related to seasons or holidays…like, for instance, the 4th of July.

Energy Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses need to stay on top of their costs to stay competitive. One of the best ways to minimize spending is to find ways to cut energy-related expenses. The National Federation of Independent Business reports that energy costs are among the top three expenditures for more than one third of small businesses. In fact, small businesses spend a total of $60 billion across the U.S. annually, according to Energy …Read More

Stars, Stripes & Safety this Summer

While accidents (and insurance claims) rise around all holidays, Independence Day is in a league of its own. Considered “The Deadliest Holiday of the Year” by many experts, it combines risk factors common to other holidays – like alcohol consumption and congested traffic conditions – with seasonal factors like heat stress, grilling, motorcycle riding and, of course, fireworks. Here are a few tips for keeping your 4th of July accident- …Read More

What to do during a Hailstorm

Hailstorm Facts The majority of hailstorms occur from May through August Most severe hailstorms occur between 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm Hailstorms rarely last more than 15 minutes, with an average duration of 6 minutes What to do during a Hailstorm Stay inside. Bring pets inside. Do not drive unless absolutely necessary. If driving, stop as soon as possible. If possible, pull under a sturdy shelter to minimize damage. Do …Read More

Insurance U: Covering your college student

Beyond scouring the dorm décor section of Target and conducting “Laundry 101” classes, there is still one important piece of business to take care of before dropping your kid off at college: reviewing your home and auto insurance policies. Housing When it comes to property and liability coverage extended from your homeowner or renter’s insurance policy, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing to think …Read More

Your auto premium and what’s driving it

While annual home insurance rates remain relatively constant – shifting slightly with inflation and building material costs – auto insurance premiums can seem somewhat capricious. There are a number of obvious causes for that, like accidents and traffic violations, but things like changes in employment, residency and ages of the insured can also impact your rates. To understand more fully, ask yourself these questions the next time you receive a …Read More