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Insurance Protection for Valuables that Speak to Your Heart


Many people who live in apartments don’t believe they need insurance because the landlord has coverage. What they don’t understand is that the landlord or property owner is protecting the property—think of it as the “outside walls.” Everything “inside the walls” is yours and you need to protect your valuables from damage, theft, weather disasters, and other unexpected events.

If you have a new laptop, LED television, the latest audio equipment, or new appliances, think about what it would cost to replace them if something happened. More importantly, think about the items that would be impossible to replace—photographs, mementos, and your favorite piece of jewelry. You need to protect your property with an insurance company that understands the true meaning of home and all the personal belongings that fill it—Badger Mutual Insurance Company.

While it’s clear that you need to protect your possessions, what is not so clear is the need to protect yourself from lawsuits. Following are typical coverages for renters, as well as some optional coverages to be sure you protect what matters most:

  • Physical Damage—covers your personal possessions whether they are on your property or at another location. For example, someone steals your phone while you are at the coffee shop or your apartment incurs smoke damage from a fire. And if you need to be relocated while your apartment is being repaired, this insurance covers that as well.
  • Personal Liability Protection—protects you if someone sues you after being injured on your property. For example, you are grilling out and a spark sets the neighbor’s deck on fire or a friend trips on the loose carpeting. It can also help cover injuries you cause away from home, as long as they are accidents.

Badger Mutual–The Heart of Your Insurance Protection


*Please contact your agent and refer to the policy for detailed descriptions of coverage, limitations, and exclusions.

Optional Coverages


Increase Limits on Liability Coverages—higher limits for lawsuits may be a good idea in today’s lawsuit-crazy society.

Replacement Cost on Personal Property—prevents financial loss due to depreciation. For example, your furniture is six years old and destroyed in a fire. Standard insurance coverage would pay the current value of your furniture, which likely would not be enough to replace all your stuff with brand new items. This added coverage provides true replacement costs for damaged or stolen property.

Additional Coverage on Expensive Items—most policies have limits on what they pay to replace your property, so expensive items such as computers, boats, recreational vehicles, jewelry, and firearms may not be fully covered. Adding coverage, called a rider, gives you peace of mind in knowing your valuables are fully insured.

Identity Fraud and Financial Loss Coverage—covers costs involved with identity theft and the steps that may be required to regain your reputation. Identity fraud victims can spend hours and thousands of dollars to correct their accounts and identity records. Badger Mutual provides you with an Identity Theft Specialist who can help with the recovery process and provide advice on how to deal with the problem.

Additional Amount Replacement Cost Coverage



Group Discounts—up to a 10 percent discount when you have both your auto and renters insurance with Badger Mutual.

Valued Customer—a renewal discount after 24 months of “claim-free” continuous coverage. This amount increases with every year you don’t have a claim.