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An Umbrella of Protection for Your Heart and Home


Today, small accidents can turn into large lawsuits. While standard liability policies will cover your home and family in most situations, Personal Umbrella coverage provides another layer of protection against a serious loss. For example:

  • A friend trips over an extension cord in the living room and winds up with severe injuries.
  • Your spouse or partner is driving a friend home and causes an accident. The costs for the accident exceed the liability limits on your auto insurance.
  • A family member posts a negative comment on social media and is sued.

Sadly, high settlements are becoming the norm when there is a lawsuit and your standard coverage may not be enough. For example, your standard policy provides $250,000 in liability limits, but the settlement is $750,000. Without umbrella coverage, you would need to cover the remaining $500,000. This could mean you need to sell your home or vehicles, liquidate your retirement accounts, or declare bankruptcy.

Badger Mutual’s Personal Umbrella coverage provides additional liability protection above and beyond the liability insurance included in your auto, homeowners, and other personal insurance coverage. Our Personal Umbrella provides an additional $1 million or $2 million of coverage. These coverages are primary insurance and your umbrella is secondary insurance—so it’s only used when you have exhausted the limits on your primary insurance. This is one reason why umbrella coverage is extremely affordable. More important, this coverage could truly save your home and other assets.

Personal Umbrella insurance also provides protection for:


An Experienced Team with Heart


If you are involved in a situation where you may need to use your personal umbrella policy, it can be devastating and somewhat scary. Good news, your local agent knows you and will help you through the process. This is what makes Badger Mutual different. We take the time to get to know you, your story, and what you have worked so hard to protect.

Contact your local agent today and he/she can help you select the amount of umbrella insurance coverage that offers the optimum amount of protection for your family, home, and other assets.


NOTE: Personal Umbrella coverage is only available with existing homeowners and auto insurance policies. Minimum underlying limits of insurance must be maintained in effect on the primary insurance policies as specified. Contact your local insurance agent for additional details.