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Totaling a Car May Break Your Heart, But It Doesn’t Have to Break Your Bank Account


Your car, truck, or SUV is one of your most valued possessions—your “baby.” When you are involved in an accident, there is the added shock of the incident itself, as well as the inconvenience of living without your vehicle while it is being repaired. And if you need to replace your car because it has been “totaled,” that difficulty can get a lot worse. Note: vehicles are considered to be “totaled” when the cost to repair the vehicle is higher than the actual cash value of the vehicle.

Many drivers may not be aware, but your brand new vehicle depreciates or lessens in value the moment you drive it off the lot—sometimes up to 30 percent. If you are in an accident with that new vehicle, you may not receive the full value that it would take to replace your vehicle. For example, you purchase a $40,000 SUV that is totaled in an accident just a few months later. You may only receive $28,000 to purchase a replacement SUV.

Badger Mutual offers heartfelt assistance with our Concierge Replacement Service. While it’s a fancy name, the policy applies to all types of vehicles—as long as they are fully covered and 10 years old or less.

If your car is totaled during the first three model years, Badger Mutual Concierge Replacement Service will provide you with a current model year replacement vehicle. For example, if you total your two-year-old model-truck, and you will receive a current model year truck as a replacement.

After three model years, our Concierge Replacement Service will provide an equivalent vehicle of similar make and model year. Badger Mutual provides protection for your baby and your wallet.

*Please contact your agent and refer to policy for detailed descriptions of coverage, limitations, and exclusions.