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Extra Protection for the Heart of Your Business Operations


Technology, be it electrical, mechanical, or digital is the lifeblood of most businesses–meaning businesses have never been more vulnerable to equipment failures. And it may not be your company that experiences a failure, it could be your building owner or one of your key business partners. Some examples:

  • The air conditioning fails at a senior living center during a heatwave and the residents are relocated until the units are replaced.
  • A bolt from a printing press works loose and falls into the press, damaging the unit. The printer has to send jobs to a competitor to meet deadlines while the press is being repaired.
  • A boiler cracks and steam damages the contents of a church, including the decades-old pipe organ. A rental generator is brought in to supply heat during the restoration process.

Many businesses have come to rely on Badger Mutual Insurance Company’s Equipment Breakdown coverage for protection that extends above and beyond a standard commercial policy. This policy covers property damage, loss of business income, service interruption, demolition, expediting expenses, and more. See your local insurance agent and refer to a policy for detailed descriptions of coverage, limitations, and exclusions.


An Experienced Team with Heart


Equipment is different than other types of property because it is continuously evolving with technological advancements that can present new risk. Badger Mutual agents and business insurance professionals take the time to get know you and your business to understand your unique challenges. We have the experience to design Equipment Breakdown coverage tailored to address your specific risks. Our agents also check in with you on a regular basis to ensure that your coverage remains current.

And should you have a claim, you want to work with someone you know. That’s why so many businesses remain Badger Mutual customers for years—because we know you and support you when you need it most. Equipment Breakdown coverage is available with commercial insurance package policies. Contact your local insurance agent for additional details.

Electrical—electrical systems can fail due to weather events, contractors working near the site, or a simple short circuit that spreads–taking out computer systems, lights, security systems, and more. This coverage extends to building owners and tenants.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration—these systems are crucial for the restaurant and bar/tavern industries, but important to other businesses such as medical facilities and apartment owners. Coverage includes replacing perishable items, as well as business interruption, and more.

Boilers and Pressure Vessels—boilers and pressure vessels are used for heat, hot water, cooking, sterilization, and production. Coverage includes repairing/replacing the unit and other expenses that may be incurred to restore your operations back to normal.

Computers and Communications—this coverage provides protection for computer failures, as well as medical diagnostic equipment, emergency response communications, production lines, and virtually any piece of equipment that uses computer processing technology.

Mechanical—the driving force for manufacturing companies that rely on pumps, motors, and conveyors. The coverage also includes retail and service companies which depend upon elevators, escalators, and back-up generators.

Renewable/Alternative Energy—businesses, institutions and agri-businesses are increasingly adopting renewable or alternative energy as a means to combat rising energy costs. Since this technology is so new, it can take time to find a company that can efficiently service and repair these units. This coverage includes repairing or replacing the units, as well as business interruption and other expenses.

Production—businesses that manufacture goods may have hundreds of pieces of equipment–CNC machines, robotics, spindles, presses, stampers, food processing equipment, and much more. Protect your business from a significant loss due to malfunctions or age that cause you to miss crucial contract deadlines.