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Bartenders are the heart of the hospitality industry, wearing many hats that extend far beyond the art of mixing a mean cocktail. They can be mixologists and entrepreneurs, parents and siblings, confidants and friends. Throughout long hours and late nights on their feet, they become listeners, entertainers, and therapists – lending an ear and a smile to strangers and regulars alike.

There are so many ways you can support these hospitality MVPs:


Generous Tipping

Bartenders rely heavily on tips – a little extra shows appreciation for their hard work.


Thoughtful Gifts

Consider a small token of appreciation, such as a heartfelt note, gift card, or treat from another local business.


Follow Safety Protocols

Have a great time, but respect house rules and safety guidelines set by the bar. Being cooperative ensures a smooth and safe working environment for bartenders.


Social Media Love

Use #NationalBartenderDay, #WorldBartenderDay, or #ILoveMyBartender hashtags to share your appreciation for your favorite drink-slingers and their establishments. Highlight their signature pour, share a memorable experience, or simply express your thanks.


Be a Responsible Patron

Let’s do our part to make their jobs a bit easier. Encourage responsible drinking and behavior among friends.


Share Your Gratitude

Take a moment to sincerely thank your bartender for their service. A kind word can go a long way.


Support Your Local Hospitality Trade Organization

Organizations like the Tavern League of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Restaurant Association, and Nevada Restaurant Assocation are impactful advocates for bartenders and their businesses.


Mark Your Calendar!

National Bartender Day:  First Friday of December

World Bartender Day:  February 24

Let’s raise a toast to the heartbeat of the bar, our bartenders, whose versatility and dedication deserve more than a passing nod. The next time you find yourself bar-side, take a moment to share your appreciation of their camaraderie and commitment, one perfectly crafted concoction at a time. 

Calling all bar and tavern owners: reach out to your Badger agent today to ensure your commercial policy adequately protects your business.