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As the winter landscape transforms into a snowy canvas, there is an undeniable allure to embrace the thrill of sledding. Whether on your property or at the local park, these tips – many from the National Safety Council (NSC) – will help ensure you enjoy each snow-filled moment without worry.

Scout the Slopes

Survey your sledding area before speeding down the hill. Check for any potential obstacles like rocks, trees, fences, poles, or uneven surfaces. Smooth and open spaces are your best bet for a safe ride.

Do not sled on or around frozen lakes, streams, or ponds.

Safety and Winter Gear

Riders should lay on their back on top of the sled with feet pointing downhill; never sled head-first. When it comes to gear, layer up in cozy clothes to keep warm and protect against frostbite or injury.

Helmets are a must for sledding adventures – sledding accidents often include serious head injuries. 

Supervise and Educate

Teach your kiddos about safe sledding practices, like steering clear of others and using designated sledding paths.

Whether it’s the little ones or the young at heart, make sure someone keeps an eye on the sledders.

Use Safe Sleds

Opt for sleds that are sturdy and easily controllable, making sure they are in good condition and free of sharp edges or cracks  Avoid makeshift sleds or ones that may lack proper steering.

Weather Watch

Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Icy conditions or heavy snowfall might affect the safety of your sledding area.

Postpone sledding if conditions aren’t optimal.

Know Your Limits

Remember, it’s all about fun, not speed records! Encourage everyone to sled within their skill level and avoid risky stunts or overcrowding on the sled.

Post-Sled Check

Before making your way back inside, take a moment to inspect the sleds and equipment for any wear and tear. Properly store them to avoid accidents or damage.

Together with our independent agent partners, we aim to protect the things you insure while safeguarding all your joyous moments and the people behind them. From scouting the best slopes to the belly laughs once you finally reach the bottom, here’s to sledding your way (safely) through the season!

Reach out to your Badger agent today to ensure your homeowner policy is up to date, protecting you and your family no matter the time of year.