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Hailstorm Facts

  • The majority of hailstorms occur from May through August
  • Most severe hailstorms occur between 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm
  • Hailstorms rarely last more than 15 minutes, with an average duration of 6 minutes

What to do during a Hailstorm

Stay inside. Bring pets inside. Do not drive unless absolutely necessary. If driving, stop as soon as possible. If possible, pull under a sturdy shelter to minimize damage. Do not leave the vehicle until it stops hailing.


Damage to homes

Relatively speaking, a hailstone should be 1.25” in diameter or greater to have the potential to cause damage to a roof shingle. Gutters and downspouts are typically made from very soft aluminum. If these materials are free of damage you can assume your roof shingles were not affected by the hail. If your vehicle or neighbors’ vehicles are parked outside and show no signs of damage it is unlikely your roof is damaged.

If you have granular loss in your gutters, that is not a true indication of hail damage. Granular loss is a normal occurrence due to the effects of weathering, age, wear and tear, and deterioration. Older roofs will have heavier granular loss as the shingles reach the end of their life expectancy.

Unsealed, lifted, cupped or curling shingles do not necessarily mean wind damage. Shingles are designed to reseal after becoming unsealed or may need a fresh application of sealant to help them reseal faster. Wind damage is only documentable when it is considered to be torn, ripped or pulled away from their nail/staple.


Beware “Hail Chasers”

A “Hail Chaser” is typically someone who solicits you following a hailstorm and requests your policy information. They will generally offer to “help” file the claim for you. They may untruthfully tell you “we work with Badger Mutual” and offer their unqualified opinion of damages to your home without a proper inspection. A “Hail Chaser” cannot increase the likelihood of recovery under your insurance policy. Badger Mutual will investigate all claims and fairly compensate policyholders as we have done for over 130 years.

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