Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance Premium with a Hail Deductible


A standard homeowners policy covers hail damage, but the likelihood of hail damage to your home is rather small, depending on where you live. By adding a Hail Deductible option on your homeowners policy from Badger Mutual Insurance Company, you can save money by lowering your insurance payments—typically 10 percent in most states.

In the unlikely event you have a hail loss, your claim would be subject to a 20 percent deductible of the damages; not to exceed $3,000. In addition, most hail damage is minor and your costs, even with the hail deductible, would likely be minimal. This deductible applies only to hail.

Contact your local Badger Mutual insurance agent to discuss the options and determine whether this deductible could benefit you.

*Please refer to policy for detailed descriptions of coverage, limitations, and exclusions.